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Studio 38


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Here you can find information about the work of Studio 38, our current, completed and forthcoming projects.

Feel free to look around and hope to see you soon.
Kees Grobecker


Studio 38 was created due to my passion for music. At a very young age I started making music. When I was 12 years old, I performed for my very first audience. At age 13, I saw for the first time a performance by Adrian Snell and then I knew: That's what I want to do! At that time I could not suspect that Adrian would take a special and significant place in my musical career. From 1992, I regularly worked together with Adrian. In 2008 I travelled together with Jeffrey van der Bijl and with all my recording equipment to Albania to work there with Adrian and his son Jamie to produce a CD from an Albanian Worship group. Elsewhere on this site you will find more information about this project. What began in a small room (2x3 meters) has grown out to a real studio. In 2009 the construction of the studio was completed and taken in use.